In this sub-genre of Shortest Proof Games, all surviving units appear on their apparent starting squares.

In chess compositions, "silence is golden". This means that the diagram should do the talking, rather than a lengthy stipulation (or a lengthy commentary like this... :-) ). But in Homebase PGs, the diagrams are silent too! Austere and cold, only the gaps in the ranks tell to those who would bend an ear the sad yet hauntingly beautiful stories of what has unfolded on the board... heh.

So on this page are some "homebase" problems, mostly by me except where noted. I have also collected on another page all prior work I could find by other composers in this area. I would ideally like to collect all the world's homebase PGs here. ("All your homebases are belong to us!")

If you solve some of the problems on these pages, you may see that there is one particular task which adapts itself particularly well to the homebase form...

I also wondered how many "homebase" positions there are of minimum length (4.0) and have collected them all on another page again.

R50 Problemesis 26
Apr 2002
Dedicated to
Thierry le Gleuher
Commended - Problemesis 2002
(14+11) SPG 6.5 (13+11) SPG 6.5 (12+12) SPG 8.5
with Noam D. Elkies
Date ???
R128 Problemesis 37
 Feb 2004
(13+13) SPG 7.0
(b) Pb7g7,
(c) Pc7g7,
(d) Pd7e7.
(13+13) SPG 7.0 (12+12) SPG 9.0
R56 Problemesis 27
 Jun 2002
Date ???
(13+12) SPG 7.0 (13+12) SPG 8.5 (12+13/12) SPG 7.0
(b) Remove Pg7.
R51 Problemesis 26
Apr 2002
R52 Problemesis 26
Apr 2002
(13+12) SPG 7.0 (11+12) SPG 8.5 (11+12) SPG 8.5

François Perruchaud has come up with some great examples of this task...

A.G.Buchanan version François Perruchaud

François Perruchaud

R95 Problemesis 33
Jun 2003
François Perruchaud

R96 Problemesis 33
Jun 2003
dedicated to Andrew Buchanan
(13+11) SPG 8.0 (12+11) SPG 8.0 (11+11) SPG 9.0
François Perruchaud

R97 Problemesis 33
June 2003
(10+11) SPG 9.5

Here are some more with a very different flavour...

R126 Problemesis 37
Feb 2004
R127 Problemesis 37
Feb 2004
François Perruchaud
(16+11) SPG 7.5 (10+16) SPG 8.0 (13+13) SPG 6.0

{C0} Original:
Finally, as a bonus, can you find the unique "homebase" Illegal Cluster?


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