Here I will collect helpmates that I can't find another category for, except that I was involved in the creation of most of them. (All except {C} in fact.)

 StrateGems, Apr 2002
{C} Michel Caillaud
H85 Problemesis 26, Apr 2002
(7+9) h#3 (8+14) h#3 (4+14) h#3
{D} with N.Dupont
Phénix, Mar 2002
Submitted to Gábor Cseh Memorial Tourney, unplaced
France Échecs
Dedicated to Nicolas Dupont
(3+3) h#3 (3 solutions) (4+1) h#2* (4+6) h#2
StrateGems, Jul 2002
Dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Pauly
(3+3) h#2 (4 solutions)


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