Solutions for Symmetric "Oddities"

{A} 1. a4 c6 2. a5 Qb6 3. a×b6 a×b6 4. Ra3 R×a3 5. h4 Rb3 6. c×b3 h6 7. Qc2 h5 8. Q×c6 N×c6 9. Nc3 (C+)
Apart from the symmetry and the fact that every move is different (if one grants that N×c6 & Nc3 are different), the striking features of this PG are the three tempo moves by the h pawns. One might think that if both sides were taking tempo moves, it could be done at any time. Not so here.

{B} 1. c4 c5 2. Qa4 Nc6 3. Q×c6 d×c6 4. Nc3 Qd5 5. N×d5 c×d5 6. d4 (C+)
Very natural, and totally asymmetric following the first 2 moves. N×Q echoes Q×N.

{C} 1. d4 h5 2. d5 Rh6 3. d6 R×d6 4. h4 Rh6 5. Rh3 d5 6. Q×d5 Qd6 7. Qd3 (C+)

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