There are many who have contributed directly and indirectly to the creation of this website. I hope it won't be too sentimental if I specify a detailed gratitude list. Sorry if I have omitted your name. Please remind me gently, and I will be sure to make amends.

Thank you to...:

David Antonini = sigloxx

Elwyn Berlekamp

Grant Buchanan
Michel Caillaud
Gianni Donati
Nicolas Dupont
Étienne Dupuis
Noam Elkies
Peter Fayers
Courtney Footman
Jean-Christian Galli = regicide
Nicolas Gonnin = oulipo
Joost de Heer
Joachim Iglesias = petiteglise
Otto Janko
George Jelliss
Monshea Jeng
Galina Krivulina
Samuel Lam
Matthew Mauldon
Ryan McCracken
Jonathan Mestel
Dan Meinking
Sergio Orce = SO
Cornel Pacurar
François Perruchaud [-Capelle] = FPC
Ed Pegg
Eric Pichouron = ricou
Mike Prcic
Olivier Pucher = puch
John Rice
Guus Rol
Manfred Rosenboom
Richard Stanley = RPS
Mark Tilford
Ronald Turnbull = RT
Peter van den Heuvel
Pascal Wassong
Dominic Wilson
Gert Wilts
Lynn Yarbrough


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