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Libraries of Compositions
Retrograde Analysis Corner The place to begin for Retro Analysis, with hundreds of selected problems.
PDB Chess Problem Database Server Simply vast numbers of chess problems of all kinds.
WinChloe Download a massive curated library of compositions - not free, but worth the expenditure.
Yet Another Chess Problem Database

Online Communities
Chess Composition Microweb A very busy site oriented towards players but with some problemists in the forums.
France-Échecs An active French chess community where creative composers throw quality problems together rapidly. Friendly and eclectic. (In French.)
Retros Mailing List Could be busier, but all the retro greats subscribe, and what does get communicated is usually of high quality.
Julia's Fairies A bustling community for fairy enthusiasts, under the genial management of Julia Vysotska.
Mat Plus Active forum across all areas.

FIDE Laws of Chess, 1-Jul-2014 onwards - the current version for Over The Board play
FIDE Laws of Chess, 1-Jul-1997 onwards - the version recognized by the Codex
Codex of World Federation of Chess Composition, 8-Aug-2015 onwards

En Passant general directory of tools
Wikipedia: Software for handling chess problems specifically solving engines
EDP2DIAG for diagram production - I really should move on to something else, but I like its clunkiness and am used to its ways :-)
Euclide for Proof Games
Natch for Proof Games

Endgame Tablebases
Multi-metric access set up by John Tamplin DTM, DTC, DTZ & DTZ50 solutions for all endgames with =< 6 units
Online Nalimov tablebase for 3,4,5-piece endgames with easy to use interface.
Guide to Endgames Tablebase useful guide to Endgame Engines

Online & Paper Magazines
Best Problems Italian/English magazine
Probleemblad (in Dutch)
Problemesis online chess magazine, in French & English. Alas no more issues will appear...
Problem Online Croatian internet chess problem magazine
StrateGems American magazine, from the "Good Companions" group
Die Schwalbe excellent magazine (in German)

Regional Chess Sites
Problemistas Ajedrez from Argentina
OzProblems from Australia
KoBULChess from Bulgaria
Maroc Echecs (in French)

Personal Chess Sites
Jeff Coakley's "The Puzzling Side of Chess" Humorous & regularly updated sets of mainly entry-level problems.
Alan Cowderoy Chess Graphics (site no longer being updated, but still there)
Étienne Dupuis (Euclide & chess problems)
Hilmar Ebert Includes Wenigsteiners & tribute site to Dr. Karl Fabel
Paz Einat In English and Hebrew with good tutorials
Noam Elkies Endgames & chess mathematics
Ján Golha Particularly comprehensive list of tourneys
George Jelliss  Lots of good definitions of orthodox & fairy terms.
Vaclav Kotesovec Popular chess problem site, also combinatorial game theory.
Tim Krabbé Popular Dutch site, focused on play and interesting situations. Alas no longer being extended.
François Labelle Impressive computer-based frontal assaults on short proof games
Leo Mano Some really good unpublished retro chess problems in this Brazilian site.
Peter Rösler "Schachaufgaben von Peter Rösler".
Brian Stephenson Good site covering British problem activity with a nice introductory tutorial
Manolis Stratakis Greek problem site.
Ronald Turnbull Actually there's no chess here at all, but this shows what he does when he's not composing chess problems. I hope he returns to chess composition some day!
Mario VelucchiMATH, Chess & RETROS Bibliographical ReSource.
Stanislav Vokal His problems - with a particular focus on castling retros.


Saving the Planet

Earthwatch Institute
Offers great ways to spend a few weeks in field research in many different sciences.

John Baez I wish I understood more of this, but I do enjoy it
Elwyn Berlekamp
One of the founders of combinatorial game theory
Greg Egan Amazing science fiction author / math programmer
Heiko Harborth graph theorist
Donald Knuth famous Stanford mathematician
Stanley Rabinowitz founder of the much loved MATH Notesfile in DEC, back in the day
Online Encyclopaedia of Integer Sequences

Other Games & Puzzles
Anarea Another game I have played
Firetop Mountain A magical duel game I had some small part in preserving in the dark days before the internet arrived. A great game - certainly a lot cheaper than...
Magic the Gathering a great game
Newcastle United a troubled football team
Non-Chess Retro Analysis The Scrabble one is amazing!
Steve Burt If you like figure wargaming
Web-Grognards The site for board wargaming

Writing I liked
Peter Anspach Evil Overlord List
Joshua Samuel Brown great travel writer and friend
Neil Gaiman fan site "Sandman": the graphic novel as literature
Flying Moose of Nargothrond
Highly comical
Marjorie Ingall "Snarly Central": ex-writer for that wonderful ex-magazine Sassy

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